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SEO or program Optimization may be a biological process . It takes time to rank a Website’s keyword in Search result. How much time? That depends on keyword competition, your domain age, originality of the content you employ in your website etc. You can ask any SEO Freelancer in Chennai or SEO expert in Chennai, they’re going to tell you program ranking depends on two major facors. One is relevancy of the content of your Website and other one is authority of your domain. As a SEO freelancer in Chennai, if I take up your project my role are going to be to extend the relevancy of your content and also as increase your domain’s authority.


1) As a SEO Expert in Chennai or someone who has completed 30’s of project as SEO freelancer in Chennai, i might suggest you to recollect following points before approaching any company or individuals for your SEO needs

2) SEO may be a biological process and it definitely takes time to rank a keyword. You cannot, I repeat you can’t take any short cuts to realize sustainable SEO results.

3) How fast a keyword ranks depends on competition for the keyword and to some extend domain age and domain authority.

4) SEO is for website and not for website. (It is optimizing your website for search term for better organic ranking)

5) You can rank multiple keywords for an equivalent page.

6) Content is the king. You must have original content in your website for SEO efforts to get succeed.

7) Building back links from authority domain will take more time. (Drip link building is most efficient. You cannot dump back links at same time)

8) Traffic from different source is that the key for best results.

9) SEO may be a continuous process and contents must be regularly update, back links must must be regularly built.

10) As a SEO Freelancer in Chennai, I produced good results for my clients by regular content updation & drip link building.

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