Best Tips to Perform Keyword Research for SEO

When we say Content is the king for SEO, writing the content with the relevant keyword comes as a Queen. Do you want to know how to perform a keyword research? Well in this blog am going to provide you the insights on how to perform a keyword research. When you initiate this process, research has to be done on your niche market. Be it any business Ecommerce, Healthcare, Retail, Travel and Tourism first know your business, focus on your target audience and understand the pain points of your customers.

Key aspects of choosing the right keyword:
1.To determine the webpage relevance. Imagine a user enters a query on search engine to seek an information. Once the query is entered with relevant keyword the search engine can fetch the results based on user’s search term. So, when the user clicks on the webpage he can get the specific information.
2.It helps in ranking the website and content within a Search Engine. Keyword with high search volume and low competition are always preferred.
3.Remember getting a good ranking on Search engine is always a competition among the other popular searches. A webpage with high keyword relevance will always retain your ranking and helps in boosting your rank further. Our next step is towards Keyword Research, lets discuss some of the main ways to perform keyword research.

1. Brainstorming/Manual Entry
2. Google Suggest
3. Analyzing Competitors website
4.Google Trends
5.Google Keyword Planner
6.Uber Suggest
7.LSI Graph
8.Answer the Public

Let us see in detail about the types of Keywords: Broad Keywords: These are Generic keywords with High search Volume and difficult to rank and get traffic for broad keywords.
Ex: Footwear
Longtail Keywords: These are Specific Keywords with Low Search Volume but are easy to get rank and gets traffic.
Ex. Ladies Footwear in Hyderabad

Let’s learn how to perform keyword research using the tool Google Keyword Planner! First step, an account has to be created in Google AdWords alias Google ads. It is a tool where keywords bid occurs once the user enters the Search query. I shall come up with a detailed blog on AdWords later.

Once you have logged in AdWords, navigate to Tools and Settings at the top most of the page.

Keyword Planner Basics

Once you select Tools and Settings->Planning->Keyword Planner Keyword planner tool is displayed to you.

Discover New Keywords

Click on Discover New Words and enter a Longtail Keyword, remember this will be specific always. Click on Get Results.

Longtail Keyword

Here you go with the keyword Results specific to your search term. You may know Download Keyword Ideas and export it as csv file.

Keyword Results

Use Sort Functionality to get the Maximum Search Volume of a keyword.

Sort Functionality

Once you have sorted, you arrive at the Keyword with Max Search Volume. Now you can select the potential keywords from the list.

Potential Keywords

Hope this blog was informative and simple to understand the basics of Keyword Research Functionality.

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